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Product Name: The Traveler Kit

Materials: Dry bag container, 2 sanitizing wipes, 2 pocket dental floss packets, 2 fabric adhesive bandages, medicated lip ointment, Ibuprofen pain reliever, ear plugs, sleep mask, 30 plus SPF sunscreen, natural oil shampoo, Instant Greens Drink Mix, Natural Energy Drink Mix, and 1 LED portable nightlight

traveler kit gear sort traveling

Courtesy of Faith Krech

Features: Waterproof

Testing Environments: Lake, outdoor wooded area and walking/running trails

Price: $22                    Days Used: 1

At a Glance:

traveler kit bag lightweight

Courtesy of Faith Krech

The Traveler Kit contains 14 diverse products, all sized to fit snugly and securely inside the 4.125 X 6.625 transparent recyclable pouch. The pint-sized pouch is versatile and can be stored in a variety of spaces from a car’s cup holder to the side pocket of a drawstring satchel. The outdoor essentials included in this kit are adhesive bandages, sanitation wipes, SPF 30 sunscreen, and ibuprofen. The kit comes with personal hygiene products like pocket floss packs, Natural Shampoo, and medicated lip ointment. Some fun surprise products thrown into the mix are a set of ear plugs, a sleeping mask, a pocket light, and two energizing powdered beverages.


traveler kit bag traveling leaves outdoors woods everly softy contents

Courtesy of Faith Krech

The Traveler Kit is the perfect companion for a long flight or an overnight camping trip. Light as a feather and very compact, the Traveler Kit fits effortlessly inside backpacks and small to medium drawstring bags. Equipped with Natural Shampoo, floss packs, sleeping mask, and a portable night light this kit also doubles as an overnight aid ideal for a sleepover under the stars. Band-Aids and sanitation wipes add peace of mind, a layer of assurance for campers who may find themselves in a minor pinch when exploring the great outdoors. The Traveler Kit offers adventure seekers a minimalist counterpart that is easily accessible for when they need it most.

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Ease of Use and Design

travel kit bag outdoors traveling contents camping

Courtesy of Faith Krech

The ease and use of this design is excellent. The transparent pouch is sized perfectly to fit in a myriad of places. From thrown into picnic baskets to wedged between mountains of camping gear The Traveler Kit is durable and easy to pull out of any crevice due to the light and versatile design. The products, though numerous, are easy to pack away and store inside the pouch with no issues of straining or stretching the plastic casing due to their minimal size. This pouch can even be hand held or placed in a large jacket pocket for maximum accessibility. The Travel Kit is perfect for active climbers and runners who don’t want to be lugging around bulky gear that could impede their outdoor activities.


traveler kit waterproof traveling bag

Courtesy of Faith Krech

The reliability of this product is fair. The plastic pouch is durable and can withstand being roughed about on the trails or being buried under large amounts of luggage. However, when submerged under lake water for under ten minutes small droplets of water were found on the inside of the plastic pouch. The products that were most visibly affected were the adhesive bandages, pocket floss packs and the packet of sunscreen. Both the bandages and the floss packs dried rather quickly inside the pouch and there was no visibly damage to the packet of sunscreen most likely due to the plastic exterior of the sunscreen packet. For a product that is SSI certified waterproof up to 200 feet, I would advise consumers against taking this kit diving, snorkeling or any water activity that involves the kit to be fully submerged into the water.

Favorite Features

traveler kit dculex pocket lamp

Courtesy of Faith Krech

One of the products I was most enthused to examine was the dculex pocket lamp. This thin and sleek design was unlike any light device I have ever seen. The way to use the device simply involves pushing the bulb shaped plastic forward, and the soft amber light automatically glows from the battery-powered cell at the bottom of the device. The pocket lamp is perfect helper for late night wilderness cooking and is essential for reading directions on a map in the absence of natural light.

traveler kit LED portable light traveling camping

Courtesy of Faith Krech

My favorite product in this kit was the Everly Peach Mango energy drink. This thin packet of orange powder really packs a flavor punch! The instructions of the packaging stated powdered beverage must be mixed with 16.9 ounces of water then shaken or stirred until the powder dissipates. I used 16 ounces of water and found the powder dissolved just fine with minimal effort. When poured into the water the orange powder releases a pungent, floral aroma. A little harsh, but the smell soon disappears once all is mixed together. The taste of the drink was sweet and light, with a tangy peach after taste to quench thirst and energize the day’s next activity.

traveler kit energy drink everly peach mango traveling on the go

Courtesy of Faith Krech

The Bottom Line

The Traveler Kit is an essential item to bring along for a brief camping trip or a lazy day on the canoe. Filled with essential first aid items and nifty gadgets this kit is ideal for the low intensity thrill seeker searching for a buoyant and versatile comrade for their next wilderness adventure. Though this kit may not be suitable or properly equipped for more extreme climbs and excursions, The Traveler Kit provides the consumer with a fun and comprehensive pack to conveniently toss in the car, bicycle basket or in the to-go bag, with no fears of the contents becoming damaged in the durable pouch.